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Hearts and Homes for Refugees

Convene, Educate, Gather Support, Advocate

Hearts and Home for Refugees (HHR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the complex needs of families resettling in the Lower Hudson Valley of New York. Our work began in 2015 with a task force of volunteers in Pelham, NY (Westchester County) who feared for the millions of famililes, primarily from Syria, fleeing their homes and enduring great suffering.  They believed that there was powerful work to be done to ease transitions to American life and to make it possible for more families to enter the US with committed help waiting for them. HHR was born, organized around these four mandates:

Convene, Educate, Gather Support and Advocate.

In 2015 other concerned groups in the region were responding similarly to the refugee crisis. An ad hoc committee of local people formed the Hudson Valley Call to Action, inviting faith and civic groups to add their names to the growing contingent. Eighty signed, and today over 2,000 volunteers and supporters have coalesced. They have become part of the national movement to welcome refugees to their communities.

In response to this outpouring of support for refugees, two of the nine government-approved resettlement agencies, Catholic Charities Community Service (CCS), and Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), opened offices in Westchester County in 2017.  For the first time, refugees could be welcomed to Westchester County.  HHR and ten of the other Lower Hudson Valley organizations were quick to join forces with the resettlement agencies to welcome and support refugees.

HHR  has nearly 400 volunteers and supporters, from Pelham and other communities throughout Westchester County.  

Pelham Picture House Documentary on Hearts and Homes for Refugees

In 2018 we are building a countywide coalition to effectively serve and expand the wider community of  2,000+ volunteers and supporters of the welcoming movement.

Learn more about Westchester Refugee Initiative and how you can volunteer. 

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