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Welcoming Refugees in Westchester County

Since late 2015 in Westchester County, nearly a dozen public-private partnerships between volunteer groups and two US refugee program resettlement agencies–HIAS and Catholic Charities have been formed. Roughly 2,000 volunteers have been providing refugees with long-term support and effective assistance during their transition to life in America. 

However, this current Administration is effectively dismantling the resettlement program through refugee bans and funding cuts, leaving a country that is closing its doors on refugees with the fewest arrivals since the post-war start of the US resettlement program.  In  FY 2018, the opportunities to partner with a US government-approved resettlement agency as a co-sponsor or host organization are few and far between. 

Westchester Refugee Initiative

The challenge before us is to keep up the momentum for support of the welcoming movement and for refugees recently resettled in the region. HHR has created the Westchester Refugee Initiative (WRI), a program that offers innovative opportunities for communities and individual volunteers to support refugees and to educate, motivate and inspire others.  Read more about the exciting programs and volunteer opportunities.

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Volunteer Opportunities with HHR Partners

HHR has practiced and promotes the invaluable practice of networking with numerous and remarkably effective partners. Working together has proven time and again that we are stronger together and our work on behalf of refugees has greater reach and impact when we collaborate and reach out. For more on our partners and organizations whose focus and reach align or compliment the mission of HHR.

Page: Get Involved / Volunteer Opportunities with HHR Partners